As its title suggests, I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore, which premiered on Netflix over the weekend, is about a woman who experiences a sense of alienation with the world after a particularly mediocre day that culminates in her coming home to find that she’s been burglarized. This woman, Ruth (Melanie Lynskey), proves to have more pluck and ferocity than you’d expect, particularly as she throws herself into extreme scenarios in pursuit of a sense of justice.

Alongside her is Tony (Elijah Wood, at his weirdest), a church-going fantasy novel reader with a love for Asian martial arts and a questionable fashion sense (the rat tail hairstyle he wears is a particularly bold choice). Although Tony puts on a good bravado, it’s easy to see that he’s just as in over his head as Ruth is.

Ultimately the two of them find themselves facing off with a trio of drug addicts (would “tweaker” be the right term here?), one of whom is played by a barely recognizable Jane Levy, and the film turns very violent, very quickly.

While I feel that I Don’t Feel At Home In This World is a competently directed film and a promising debut for writer-director Macon Blair, I ultimately found the film to be too nihilistic and peak “indie” to really enjoy.

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