S03E01: Last Fuckable Day (Inside Amy Schumer)

Sketch comedy shows are a tough nut to crack. They tend to be very hit-and-miss, and even some of the best sketch shows had/have pretty poor ratios. Saturday Night Live, for all its history, has one of the lower ratios out there – on any given night there might only be one or two good sketches out of a set of eight to ten. And yet, in some circles, it’s the gold standard.

Amy Schumer and the team behind
Amy Schumer and the team behind “Last Fuckable Day”

However, one recent trend in the world of sketch comedy is the mini renaissance that has begun at Comedy Central. Between Key & Peele and Inside Amy Schumer, two of the most unique and interesting visions in sketch comedy are being visualized.  Continue reading “S03E01: Last Fuckable Day (Inside Amy Schumer)”