As a film geek, a music geek, and a *film music* geek, this movie is straight up my lane. I’m literally the guy who talks with friends about who the best film composers are, about how Howard Shore’s use of the leitmotif is genius-level, how John Williams is the most iconic film composer of all time, etc.

So it’s tough for me to really evaluate this movie on any sort of technical level. Workmanlike, I guess you’d say, as a film? But when it’s on a subject that you love, great.

It would be really cool to see a documentary that is just start-to-finish a composer’s process to writing a film score, starting from their initial conception (Co they start with the melodies? Or do they start by picking out which instruments to use? do they decide to make it more melodic? Or more atmospheric?)

Of course, the challenge is, how likely are you to capture an “important” or “great” film score? Who knows. Or maybe the pitch could be that even for a mediocre film, an enormous amount of craft and skill stills go into the music? That could also be interesting.

If I had to pick a film composer who would be likeliest to make a “great” film score of the ones who work now… Either John Williams or Jóhann Jóhannsson. Who would you guys pick?

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