Park Chan-Wook (or Chan-Wook Park, as his name is sometimes written out) is a South Korean filmmaker who is most well known for his 2003 film, Oldboy, a film that presents a different look at one of the more provocative and critically acclaimed filmmakers in the world right now, a filmmaker interested in damaged characters with major psychological flaws. It’s no surprise, then, that his latest fare, The Handmaiden, is a provocative, risque erotic thriller with major psychological elements at its core, presenting damaged, flawed characters. It’s not a film you’ll want to watch with family members, but it’s a masterwork with impeccable attention to detail and story, a twisty thrill ride that will leave the viewer breathless.

Of particular note is actress Kim Tae-ri, making her feature film debut – she’s gorgeous in this film, and it’s a stunningly confident performance for a debut; if this performance is any indication, she is destined for stardom.

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